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Schools have special requirements and the purpose of MyStore.cxbunited.com is to serve those needs. If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can support you better please let us know.


Almost all schools use spirit apparel and many are establishing uniform policies. Some schools have told us that they have a difficult time managing the process of ordering school apparel. They don’t know how many of each item and size to order so that everyone gets the product they want. Most schools don’t want the cost and hassle of having to store inventory.

Our solution is to set up customized school apparel web sites to be able to take orders and payment over the web. The school selects the items they want to make available and controls the pricing. We assist with item selection, school graphics, costing and order fulfillment. For example say a class T-shirt cost is $7.00 each. The school can offer it at $15.00 and can make a profit of $8.00 each for fundraising.

Our service includes the customized My Store website, school graphics, help with product selection and order fulfillment. We accept payment over the web, fulfill the orders and provide payment to the school for their fundraising. We run orders and package each order separately. If your school is local to us our sales reps will deliver to your school at no additional charge. We can also offer individual order shipment directly to the customers home if that is preferred.

We are a supplier of all types of promotional merchandise and are proud of our 47 year track record of reliable customer service. We can assist you with all your promotional product needs and our “My Store” service is just an extension of that effort.


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